Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Movin' in June

We finally have everything in order to move and will be into the new place. The girls got together with the theme of appetizers/finger foods and diy jewlery. The food was the best part. I believe all four of us figured out that jewelry making isn't our forte. It can be time consuming and tedious. I don't wear much jewelry to begin with, so this was fun to help build up my collection.

We all brought two dishes each. We pre assembled most of it at home and finished it together. I'll be including our finished products with the link to the recipes that we all followed.

Remember to get seedless! I was careless in the grocery store and bought local cucumbers that weren't seedless, so it made the roll up part very difficult. I ended up making the rest of the batch like "crackers".

These bad boys were pretty darn good. I would make them with a ranch dipping sauce next time. Also, once they get cold...they're not so good anymore.

These were sinfully good. The favorite among the men who got left overs!

This flavor combo is a perfect crispy/creamy mix. The dip itself I could have ate with a spoon. The cauliflower has great texture. I didn't get a picture of the sauce with it! I'm sorry!

We all agreed this would have been better with less corn and more cheese or creamcheese/sourcream added. Super easy to throw together!

I could gain 20 pounds by eating nothing but this bread for a week. Seriously...

This is a wonderfully light sweet dessert. Great for any kind of party. The filling, fresh good!

The jewelry project was a more basic kind of "wing it" with string and beads. The girls found a lot of tutorials of how to braid and knot certain weaves. Some are confusing. Some end up working out just fine!

 I did try my hand at fabric rossettes, which were actually quite easy to make. You could turn these roses into almost anything. I like that it makes a more bolder piece to use as a ribbon necklace. I also had found many used for headbands, which were adorable.

 Button bracelets are super cute and dainty looking. I really like the most simple of bracelets. What I like most, is that I can never take it off and when it falls apart I can just make a new one.