Welcome to Domesticult.

I started this blog two years ago. With great effort I started off strong with the particular theme of the time period in one's life when coupledom now reigns and both must learn to maintain their own home, pre-kid filled family. I was 24 and trying to figure out how to operate a home and work. It seemed like all other adults could accomplish this almost effortlessly, why couldn't I?

Because life happens. That's why.

I wanted to share my journey into adulthood but began boxing myself in with recipes and home diy. When I sometimes must live paycheck to paycheck I do not have the time to make a four hour meal, construct giant house decorations and somehow document it all. I still enjoy these things, and especially feel food and cooking speak to everyone, but I want Domesticult to be more than that.

With the start of 2013 I was trying to stick to my formula and slacked off big time. I began mulling around other ideas and almost decided to abandon the blog completely. I thought long and hard about the direction of this blog. The word domesticult came to me because of the word difficult. No one said navigating through life was going to be easy! That's what I'm wanting to share. That's what I want to write about.

Hang in there with me!

-Stephanie 2014


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