Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer Farewell, Fall Remix

I'm back. I swear! After taking all of spring and summer to reevaluate the direction of this blog, I have come to the conclusion that I boxed myself into two categories. I love trying new recipes and crafts but real life is much more hectic and spontaneous than a neatly thought out tutorial. I still do plenty of  recipes and projects, but I want this to be more than just a tutorial/how-to blog.

I want to incorporate more of my personality and the other things I am interested in and do; like thrifting, style, product reviews, book reviews, local events, new and updated Food & Hearts by J, and a new series replacing the HCP meeting series will feature more than just Pinterest findings. Expanding will also allow me to post at least weekly given the variety.

From the start I wanted Domesticult to be a chronicle of my journey into adulthood. I think encompassing more about my life will make me feel that I am achieving that goal. The past year alone has found me cooking and maintaining my house more efficiently than before, but life is about more than housework.

I did keep myself busy with a few things while I was absent from here. Here's a little of what I did.

Starting from top, left to right: 1. The anniversary surprise for Andrew this year. A whole concession stand, movie montage of our years together, a blanket fort and of course a romantic comedy was featured. 2. We attended his best friends wedding in March. It was a cold and beautiful beach wedding! Mr. P made a wonderful Best Man. 3. Adventure Time coasters I painted for my living room. 4. One of my art journal entries. Cats on Mars! 5. On my first meeting with the lovely Ms. Z we made banana muffins with a peanut butter brown sugar frosting. I made a new friend and Ms. Z also blogs! 6. The "Dragon Pig" cake I made for J's birthday this year. It's two of her favorite beasts! haha

You're probably thinking, "That's it? That's all you did for months?!" But, I assure you there was more but it wasn't blog worthy material. I've lived a pretty boring life for most of the summer months. I have deep cleaned my home in anticipation of fall. It's also the end of September and I figured it would be the perfect time to bust out the Halloween decorations.

Hello Fall. Nice to see you again.

There's going to be plenty going on this October. A new series will be introduced, J and I will be attending Gallery Night, Halloween parties and more!  Here's a few of my festive decorations to prepare me for the new season ahead. What are your plans for this October?