Thursday, October 3, 2013

Navarre Beach Sand Sculpting Festival

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope your week has been going well. Today is my last day off of the week, so while you are probably slaving away and getting ready for your weekend,  I'm relaxing. I work every weekend but was able to take a peek at The Navarre Beach Sand Sculpting Festival this past Saturday. For the past 3 years I have worked at the restaurant that provides the lunches for the sand sculpture artists. So every year I hear about this festival but something has always prevented me from attending. This time I was able to scoot across the street and see what it was all about. Finally using the perk of working on the island.

The judging took place on Sunday so the sculptures weren't completed, but part of the fun is watching the artist work. Here are a few of the pictures I got to snap. The texture and detail is quite amazing. Click here to see the official website and information about the artists or here for pictures of the completed sculptures.

The HUGE castle that displayed all the sponsors.

One of my favorites. It won first place! By: Meli Beauregard
This one was called Storm. By: Fred Mallett
Very tranquil. By: Morgan Rudluff
People's Choice! By: John Woodworth

There were vendors with Pina Coladas and beach artwork (naturally). The air smelled of salt water and funnel cakes. I picked up a souvenir from the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station booth. I'll be rocking my new shirt and have the magnet on my car. I'm happy to support them! It's great to have children educated about our remarkable beach.

I wasn't able to stay long but enjoyed finally being able to see the sculptures! Since I went after work I was alone and I'm awkward in social gatherings. It was a hit and run kind of deal. What kind of festivals happen in your town? Do you ever attend them? Many around here are more family and child oriented so I tend to pass on those. They won't let me in the bouncy houses.

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