Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day I made sure to include a hand made item as part of the gift. I feel bad buying my mother the same types of things every year for Mother's Day. It feels like the holiday is all about the same themed candy and cards instead of making the thought count.

My mother has been slowly decorating her new place and it's looking pretty nice. I found this idea, on where else, Pinterest.
I'm not even sure who is responsible for this one, it was listed on etsy and was already bought, so the link is completely gone and only lists items like it. Whoever was the creator of this, I would have loved to had the link to their store! So, going by the picture, I created a similar piece.

I bought a wooden frame from the store that was thick enough. It was only around 5 dollars. My problem was that the wood it was made out of was incredibly thick and sturdy and I couldn't screw the hooks into it. I own very few tools so I had to improvise and I used the stick on plastic hooks.

I painted it all and framed a cursive initial on scrapbook paper. My mother loved it.

Mr. P's grandmother is a plant/garden type of lady. I've made the yarn covered jars/cans a few months ago and decided to try a coffee can this time for a planter. I trimed it with a nice thick yarn, the base is a very pretty speckled scrap paper I got at the craft store. I also painted the top of the can in a neutral shade to match. I also "sealed" the yarn by covering extra layers of modge podge. This won't make it water proof but will make it hold up better. I decided initials were a nice touch to the gifts.

Happy Mother's Day!

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