Friday, April 20, 2012

A Birthday Tradition

 March 29th was my besties b-day. Mama Bear turned 24 this year. I've been making her cakes since her 21st. So this was year 4! I thought it would be nice to show all the cakes so far. I'm sure I'll get around to adding the recipe for the Take 5 cake sometime, but this post will have the link to this years delicious choice!

21st "The Dr. Seuss Cake"
This was only my second time ever making a 3 tiered cake. Also, the first time covering a whole cake in fondant. I can see my flaws and now know exactly what I did wrong. But I still love this cake and it was made with a lot of love! <3

22nd "The Take 5 Cake"
This years inspiration was from her favorite candy bar at the time. The Take 5 candy bar has the pretzel, caramel, chocolate, peanuts, and peanut butter.

23rd "The Fancy Cake"
We sprang her a surprise party at a local pizza bar when her original plans had to be cancelled. I made this cake in 4 hours. The flowers and ribbon are obviously not edible. I think it turned out beautiful though.

24th "Fall Cake in Spring"
This year we had the almighty Pinterest to peruse for awesome cake ideas. I think we spent an hour sifting through searches and recipes. The one she ended up picking was a cake I had already pinned  on my board. We thought it was quite funny she chose a pumpkin cake after all the pumpkin we consumed this fall. Praline Pumpkin Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting. It was actually super duper easy to make. It's a Betty Crocker box cake recipe. But her whipped cream cheese frosting is amazing. It had a wonderful consistency and will be the recipe I use from now on.

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