Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grilled Goods and Home Decor

The girls got together this month for grilled goods and home decor. Mr.P and I are officially in our new place.

It was really hard to narrow down the choices, we all pinned so many yummy grilled foods. Two kabob/skewer ideas were used and I'm so glad we chose "skewed" food!  It rained all day Tuesday. I don't have a covered porch. Broke out the George Foreman. Super easy to make these kabobs on an electric grill. Not all was lost!

These were awesome. I'm a big fan of kielbasa. Adding the apple was genius.

The basting sauce really soaks into this and is great to munch on. We added the cherries for color and even more sweetness.

Here's some of the spread including the carrots. I would have liked the carrots more if made on a real grill. They were still really good though! We also made an oven version of some foil packet Grilled Garlic Potatoes. We loaded ours with extra cheese and smothered it in ranch afterwards instead of the recommended sour cream! I didn't get a picture since they took forever in the oven. We ate those long after the grilled food was demolished.

We used peanut butter/chocolate chip mix, almonds, and coconut to ours. Popped in the oven instead and they still came out AWESOME. Seriously, I could have ate a whole bunch by myself! Really good idea. I've even thought of other "toppings" to add. I think a "Banana Split" boat; adding cherries, chocolate, pineapple, and butterscotch would be amazing.

Home Decor Projects!

Two of us decided to do this really cool idea involving vinyl letter "stickers", scrap book paper/paper in general, paint and mod podge. Click the link for the tutorial. I read her comments to find out that you can find these letters at any Wal-mart where the poster board/science fair supplies are. Found mine there too!

I used my favorite Vonnegut quote. I used an old paperback I was going to donate/give away. I felt like I was doing something incredibly wrong as I ripped the pages out!

She made hers using scrap cardboard and scrapbook paper. I liked how she made it two toned! The color of paint she used made it shimmer and almost look coppery.

This is a great idea. I'll definitely be making some soon to hang from the trees in my yard since I don't have anywhere else to hang them! She used the cheap-o glow in the dark plastic beads that came in a plastic pack for like $2 from Wal-Mart. It looks awesome hanging from her porch!

Until next time! <3

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