Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coincidence of Food

Within three days time, stopping by the grocery store is now my after work ritual. My budget for food changes daily since I'm a server. Today at my local supermarket I perused the produce section. The bell peppers were looking good. I've never made stuffed bell peppers before, so this is my first go at it. I looked up several recipes to get a general idea of the order of things, and while online, I of course checked my facebook.
A friend is getting ready to watch The Walking Dead premier tonight. He posted a question of what should he cook to appropriately go with it. The bell peppers instantly made me think of zombie faces with brains. May sound gross to some but, it sound like food eureka to me.

Zombie Stuffed Bell Peppers

Makes 2 stuffed peppers with some filling leftover.

2 bell peppers, your choice! (I used a red and green.)
1 lb or less of ground beef
1/2 diced white onion
1 tbsp vegetable/olive oil
1 packet meatloaf spice mix
1 cup rice
1 cup of jarred pasta sauce (remember the buy one get ones I picked up earlier this week?)
Shredded parm or romano cheese, enough for topping.
salt and pepper to taste


Pre-heat oven to 350F. Heat oil in skillet. Cook rice, I used my handy rice cooker. Meanwhile, dice onion and cut tops off the peppers. Gut peppers, trim bottoms to lay evenly. Dice up tops of peppers.

Saute onions and peppers until tender. Add ground beef. and seasoning packet. Brown beef completely and add cooked rice. Stuff peppers with mixture, leaving enough space to pour 1/2 cup of sauce on each pepper. Shred romano(or parm!) on top. The sauce and cheese kind of looks like braainns!

Bake for 30 minutes. Sprinkle with a little more cheese and garnish with more sauce. Next time I plan on carving the peppers jack-o-lantern style to create a creepier look!

One of my co-workers has been bringing in fruit and yogurt every morning and making smoothies. Kiwis have been the fruit of choice lately. I love kiwi and I wanted to do something with them. I combined two ideas I found on Pinterest. One was frozen chocolate covered kiwi and the other was frozen yogurt dipped strawberries. I swapped the chocolate for yogurt on the kiwis, and threw in some bananas too. It's really simple, and the result were delicious! A wonderful dessert or snack. I'll be bringing some into work for my co-workers in the morning!

Frozen Yogurt Kiwi and Banana Pops


3 kiwi fruit
2 bananas
1 pint vanilla yogurt


Slice kiwis and bananas into slices thick enough for popsicle sticks (I used some straws I had on hand and just cut them with scissors). Dip fruit into yogurt. Place on pan covered with parchment or silicon mat. Freeze.

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