Friday, February 10, 2012

Lazy Night with Octo-Mac

It was a long day at work, therefore, I was super lazy tonight. Definitely a mac n' cheese kind of night. Mr. P has been sick, so I thought a little Octo-Mac would atleast put a smile on his face. This is the second time I've made this dish. I do love it, but it has the dreaded hot dog that I had been trying to avoid. But hey, I can't try to be Suzy Home-maker in three days right?

I'd also like to credit my cousin for this idea. She makes it for her son, and I like to eat like a 4 year old sometimes.



1 box macaroni or shells and cheese. Whatever noodles and cheese you like!
3 beef hot dog weiners
1 slice kraft singles cheese


Prepare macraroni according to package. Meanwhile, cut the hot dogs in half. Then cut each half only half-way through to start making the "tentacles".

Cut through both sides, making 4 tentacles. If you want to get fancy cut even more to have make them more curly. Cut some circles out of the cheese slice to make the eyes. Microwave hot dogs for about 2 minutes, time it to be done when you mac n cheese is ready!

And all that is left is the assembly! Indulge the kid in you.

I leave you with the Octo-Mac in all its glory. It's been a long day, time to dream of new projects...

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