Saturday, August 11, 2012

Craft Fail!

I thought it would be fun to include a crafting fail every now and again. Sometimes things don't work out the way you planned.

 This is the picture that had caught my eye. They look amazing. The blog it took me to is quite awesome. Juicy Bits! I read the tutorial she followed. She did an amazing job on these, after the time I took on mine (which obviously didn't work out) I knew it involved patience and skill.

I got my supplies ready.

I was going to make mine two-toned. I made sure to not blow up the balloon too big.

Made the mixture, here's one of the yarn strips.

Started wrapping them. Realized I think I still had a bigger balloon for the amount of yarn I cut. I didn't mind it being more sparse.

I hung them from skewers off my bookcase. Floor was covered, I was ready to let these dry!
So the next day they were fully dry. I popped the balloon and let it slowly leak. I left the room to do some kind of housework in the meantime. I had come back to Cecil cat playing with parts of the orange one and the yellow laying on the floor crunched. Balloon deflated as well my dreams.

So this is how mine turned out...

I'm going to try these again. No kitties allowed, more yarn, and probably a better glue mixture; will allow for an outcome closer to the inspiration! Better luck next time!

Feel free to send in some of your fails. Post them on Domesticult's FB page!

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