Thursday, August 23, 2012

Halloween Mash Up

Here are a few Halloween ideas that I plan on trying. A great mash up of some cute diy projects I found on Pinterest and blogs. Enjoy!




Black Tulle Wreath from Something To Do

I also really like adding a background to it.
Lil' Luna added a background on their Trick or Treat wreath. I like using a silhouette in the center. Maybe actually cut it out like a jack-o-lantern? Either way, I must make a wreath in the beginning of October to start off the festivities!


I've scoured the Internet for ideas. Mine is going to be some kind of mad scientist like mix of these great centerpieces.

The House of Smiths does a cute creepy candy display. I really want to incorporate Halloween candy to munch on!

These painted pumpkins from Happy Mundane are awesomely non traditional but festive. Carved pumpkins are a "tradition" Mr. P and I started last year and we'll definitely have some glowing outside. I'd like painted ones to put on the table. I'm afraid the kitties will destroy and/or eat any carved pumpkins in the house.

Wine Bottle Decor

I have a few wine bottles cluttering up my kitchen window. I think these are just adorable. The vampire and ghosts will look cute in the kitchen! This particular one was found on Woman's Day.

I also found another style of ghost bottle that was made with the frost spray paint. I like that idea to use as a base with these cute faces!


Halloween must include some kind of candle illumination. While searching for Halloween decor in general I have come across a few ideas involving tights and pantyhose being cut and used to wrap around pumpkins and jars alike. Stashed in my diy board on Pinterest is this idea of spray painting over lace to leave the design.

Look how pretty! From Roadkill Rescue

I think combining the pantyhose trick over a candle holder and spray painting it would be awesome. I got the inspiration from these votive holders from Shelterness.

I know I will be able to find some interesting patterned tights at the store!


 I love garland. I think it makes anything instantly festive. There's so many kinds you can buy. I always end up getting the cheap-o foil and wire variety for outdoors. I want to make my own for inside. These two scream cute and Halloween.
Let's be honest, any garland making is going to be time consuming. Tying or gluing tiny objects onto string doesn't sound as appealing as it ends up looking! Buying a bag of the cheap variety candy and still achieving the same results sounds like a plan to me! iVillage inspired this one. Simply staple them together!
The pom garland is adorable. This one requires more effort than stapling, but Paper Source gives you a wonderful PDF tutorial that is super easy to follow. I can't wait to try this one out! Also, save the idea for other holidays and events!
What are you planning for Halloween?


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